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SeethaRama Ayurveda Resort

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Our front desk open for 8.00 AM to 8.00 PM for your convinience. But for online inquiries we will be responce 24 hours.

  • Srilanka Ayurveda Address: Wedagoda, Walathara, Beruwala, Sri Lanka
  • Srilanka Ayurveda Telephone: +94 34 227 9850
  • Srilanka Ayurveda Srilanka Ayurveda : +94 77 402 0450,
    +94 71 813 5077
  • Srilanka Ayurveda Hotline: +94 77 402 0450
  • Srilanka Ayurveda
Srilanka Ayurveda
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Srilanka Ayurveda
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We want to give you time and space to discover both energies in you and reconcile them.

The minimum stay is 3 weeks for the first Panchakarma cure. When you are ill, we recommend a longer stay. There are also 2 weeks refresher cures available.

Of course, you are also welcome in the off-peak season, our doctors and therapists are looking forward to taking care of you. In case you simply need to relax, you are also welcome without taking any treatments.
SeethaRama Ayurveda Resort
Srilanka Ayurveda Seetha Rama Ayurveda Resort
Srilanka Ayurveda Wedagoda
     Walathara, Beruwala, Sri Lanka
Srilanka Ayurveda +94 (0)77 402 0450
Srilanka Ayurveda +94 (0)71 813 5077
Srilanka Ayurveda
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