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SeethaRama Ayurveda Resort
Ayurveda Resort

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Garden of Life - A place for body and soul

Get charmed by this wonderful place - off the beaten track of tourists - embedded in lush tropical nature. A warm welcome to our Ayurveda Resort. With only 10 bungalows the number of guests is limited to 10 up to 20 persons. This enables us to concentrate fully on you and your special needs.

An intensive Pancha Karma cure program is used for your individual healing process. Ayurvedic treatment supports recovery and strengthens your immune system. Thus you will find new quality of life in harmony with nature, and a community of people with shared interests.Yoga and meditation will enhance the experience.

PRICE FOR - 2018/19

Ayurveda-cure( package)

(€) 01 Night Single room 113,-€
(€) 01 Night Double room 108,-€ per person


Your home during your stay

You will stay in one of ten bungalows, styled with care and love according to European standards, shower en suite. It is up to you whether you use the room as single or double room. Air condition is available upon request. During the day you can relax on your private veranda or on your favourite spot in our spacious garden. The following services are included:
  • Rooms with bath, air conditioning and veranda
  • Regular medical consultation
  • All therapeutic treatments (depending on treatment)
  • Medicine during the treatment
  • Ayurvedic meals including herbal tea
  • Yoga and meditation
  • 1X weekly meditation
  • German translation
Srilanka Ayurveda

We want to give you time and space to discover both energies in you and reconcile them.

The minimum stay is 3 weeks for the first Panchakarma cure. When you are ill, we recommend a longer stay. There are also 2 weeks refresher cures available.

Of course, you are also welcome in the off-peak season, our doctors and therapists are looking forward to taking care of you. In case you simply need to relax, you are also welcome without taking any treatments.
  • SeethaRama Ayurveda Resort
  • SeethaRama Ayurveda Resort
  • SeethaRama Ayurveda Resort
  • SeethaRama Ayurveda Resort
  • SeethaRama Ayurveda Resort
Srilanka Ayurveda Seetha Rama Ayurveda Resort
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